Thursday, May 21, 2015

Secret history of Nan Madol

Nan Madol ruins is located in Madolenimw village on Pohnpei Island. It is located near the shoreline near a swampy mangrove tree area off of Temwen Islet. The ancient site consists of 92 artificial islets constructed using basalt volcanic rock logs which were quarried several miles away at various sites throughout Pohnpei Island. No one knows who built it or how it was built. Recently, foreign anthropologists and archeologists came to study the site, based on their findings, they believe that the site may have been built sometime around 10,000 BC to 5000 BC. Other researchers believe that the site was constructed around the height of Meso-American civilization and was abandoned after a flood perhaps resulting from volcanic eruption in Asia or the Pacific (Hawaii). However, the true historians or local historians insist that the site was built by extra-terrestrials who crash landed in the ocean on a "large bird" which could breath fire (dragon?). They say that the original builders could breath underwater and on land and they did not eat meat or fish but only survived on a diet of grassy leaves, fruits, and coconuts. They say that these beings skin resembled the color and texture of Dolphin skins and that their heads also looked like the head of large Dolphins. They had arms and legs and tails which were similar to an Octopus tentacle. These beings conscripted human labor throughout the region and organized the construction not only of Nan Madol but also several settlements throughout the region some of which remain undiscovered to this day. The source of their power was said to be derived from mysterious glowing blue stones which provided them with healing powers and other powers such as levitation and the ability to alter the weather. One of these stones survives to this day and it is currently in my possession. I will use the stone to take over the world.